DreamEntertainment principals Ehud Bleiberg and Yitzhak Ginsberg are parting ways,with Ginsberg staying on to run the Los Angeles-based production and salesoutfit and former chairman Bleiberg leaving to set up his own venture.

Both parties will share rights and jointly sell a number of projects in variousstages of readiness including the upcoming stop-motion spoof Disaster! TheMovie, and the Monster Man horror series.

Bleiberg, who announced yesterday [11] that he will stay on at Dream until Sept1 when he launches his own feature and television production and sales houseBleiberg Entertainment, will retain 40% of Dream's assets.

Those assets include a library of 37 pictures as well as the holocaust project AdamResurrected, a co-production withGerman company EHS based on Yoram Kaniuk's novel. Bleiberg said he has attachedan A-list director who will be announced shortly.

The company aims to produce two to three feature projects each year includingat least one literary title like Adam Resurrected and one "out of the box" project.

Other titles on theinitial slate include the spoof action comedy Kill Will written by Disaster! screenwriter Paul Benson, and an unspecifiedclaymation project.

The outgoing Dream chairman, who said the split with Ginsberg was cordial andarose from a growing divergence in taste, has lined up a group of internationalinvestors to back various projects to the tune of "more than eight figures."

"I would like to turn my focus to different types of film and televisionprojects and this new entity affords me the opportunity to pursue these,"Bleiberg said.

"I know Dream Entertainment will continue to thrive under the leadership of itspresident Yitzhak Ginsberg."

"Ehud is one of the savviest entrepreneurs in the industry," Ginsberg added."We wish him the best of luck with his new venture."