Warner Bros Pictures International’s (WBPI) Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows ruled the roost thanks to an estimated $27.4m haul from 57 markets that boosted the running total to $222m.

Highlights were a $6m number one debut in Brazil from 429 screens and a $900,000 number one launch in Argentina on 137. The adventure thriller also debuted in China and WBPI is expected to release estimates on Monday.

Holmes added $3.4m from 386 in the second weekend in Australia where it held on to number one and has amassed $12.7m. It also stayed top in Spain on $2.2m from 451 for $7.5m after two.

J. Edgar added $6.4m from 10 markets for an international running total of $12.4m and opened top in France on a strong $4m from 477. The biopic has reached $6.5m in Italy after two. Rom-com New Year’s Eve opened top in Russia on $2.1m from 739 and stands at $87.5m internationally.

Paramount Pictures International’s (PPI) Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol grossed $16.8m from 5,847 sites in 58 territories for $320m. The highlight was $2.9m in South Korea for second place where it has reached $45m after five weekends, while the UK has generated $24.2m after three.

DreamWorks Animations’ Puss In Boots added $14.6m from 5,679 venues in 56 markets for $331.7m and opened in South Korea at number one on a mighty $5.3m from 800. There was a record launch for DreamWorks Animation in Turkey on $575,000 from 185. Hugo grossed $2.4m from 973 in five for an early $8.1m and launched in Australia on $1.7m from 210.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo grossed $16.5m from 3,920 screens in 44 territories through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) for an early $49.7m running total.

The top score was a $3.4m debut from 551 in Germany for second place and a $2.5m debut in Australia from 257 also for second place. The thriller added $1.7m from 697 in its third weekend in the UK for $15.5m.

The Adventures Of Tintin has reached $188.1m through SPRI and $278.8m overall including PPI territories. The Adam Sandler comedy Jack And Jill is at $22m.

Fox International’s Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked has reached $154.1m following a $14.4m haul from 6,527 screens in 64 markets. The animation stands at $19.4m in the UK after five weekends, $14.6m in France after four, $14.1m in Australia after three and a magnificent $13.7m in Brazil after two.

Alien invasion film The Darkest Hour opened in 26 new markets and took $9.6m from 4,284 screens over the weekend for an early $28.8m. The debut highlight was $1.4m in Mexico and there was a lacklustre $1.2m launch in the UK. The Descendants opened in Australia on $2.4m from 233, while We Bought A Zoo stands at $16.5m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that DreamWorks’ War Horse grossed $8.5m for an early $17.3m while The Muppets stands at $15m. Executives did not provide territory highlights.

Universal’s thriller Contraband opened day-and-date with the number one North American debut on $1.5m from 479 sites in seven markets led by Russia on $1m from 373.

Rubbeldiekatz has grossed $17.1m in German-speaking Europe and $16m in Germany alone. Tower Heist is on $63.2m.