Attendance at its highest number in 30 years.

More than 28 million tickets were sold at the Netherlands box office in 2010, the highest number in 30 years, according to figures released by the Dutch Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, the Dutch Film Distributors’ Association and the Dutch Association of Feature Film Producers.

Total box office was €207.3m — €21m more than 2009’s total — from 194 releases, giving The Netherlands the 14th largest market share globally.

The Netherlands’ 2010 box office represents 0.96% of the global market share and 1.54% if the international share, 0.08% down on last year’s international share.

While Hollywood blockbusters Avatar, Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland and Inception were the biggest earners, local titles New Kids Turbo (€7.6) and The Happy Housewife (€3.8m) were among the top ten perfomers.

Eight local productions featured among the top 50 titles.

Top ten titles, The Netherlands, 2010

RankTitle Dist Territories of Origin   Date Range Gross € 
1Avatar Fox Int’l US   13,599,072 
2Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Warner Bros. Int’l UK & Ireland, US   9,410,772 
3Alice In Wonderland Walt Disney Int’l US   7,353,472 
4Inception Warner Bros. Int’l UK & Ireland, US   6,939,811 
5New Kids Turbo! Benelux Film Dist. Netherlands   6,786,391 
6Shrek Forever After Universal Int’l US   5,378,220 
7Toy Story 3 Walt Disney Int’l US   4,445,652 
8Sex And The City 2 Warner Bros. Int’l US   3,937,611 
9Despicable Me Universal Int’l US   3,862,149 
10The Happy Housewife Benelux Film Dist. Netherlands   3,803,538