UPDATE: China Film said the six-day debut – far bigger than the weekend estimate of $58m – means the romantic epic has produced the industry’s biggest launch of all time in the territory, surpassing Transformers 3.

Titanic 3D grossed $98.9m from 10,066 screens in 69 markets overall, bringing the re-release running total to $157.1m through Fox International and the property’s global tally to more than $2bn combined with the 1997/98 original release.

The film opened in Mexico on $1.9m from 364, $1.7m in Brazil from 233, $848,188 in Norway from 103 and $819,384 in Argentina from 97.

The UK led the second weekend results on $2.9m from 508 for $12.8m, while Russia generated $3.2m from 972 for $10.4m. Italy produced $2.9m from 389 to boost the tally to $8.6m.

Titanic 3D added $2.9m from 362 in France for an $8.2m running total and $2.1m from 497 in Germany resulting in a $7.3m cumulative score.

After two weekends Australia has generated $4.6m, Spain $3.5m, Japan $3.1m, South Korea $3.1m and India $2.6m.