Buyers are going gaga for Estonian animated feature Lotte From Gadgetville. Midway through the EFM, the film - aimed at pre-school kids in the 3-to-8 age range - Lotte has now sold to 15 territories for theatrical.

Lotte, on Sola Media/Atrix Film's EFM slate, has gone to Finland (Filmkempaniet), Poland (Solopan), India (Ashok Honda) and is in final negotiations with Brazil.

Telepool has taken merchandising rights to the film in German-speaking territories. Lotte orange juice, shampoo and audio-books are now available. The 128 print German release takes place later this month through MFA.

Lotte is a family comedy about a fun-loving puppy. In the film, Lotte befriends Susumu, a Japanese Sensi, who teaches her judo.

'The character Lotte is so likeable. The children just go for her,' commented Sola Media's Solveig Langeland of the film's appeal.