Noi The Albino (Noi Albinoi), Icelandic director Dagur Kari's debut feature which has won six festival prizes in as many weeks, has proved a winner with buyers as well.

Handled by Paris-based sales and production outfit, The Co-Production Office, Noi has now been licensed to nine territories.

Latest deals closed at Berlin's European Film Market (EFM) include sales to Artificial Eye for the UK, Haut Et Court for France, Inter Cinema Art Agency for Russia, Cinemart for the Czech Republic, United King for Israel, Scandinavian Entertainment Group for Norway and FIP Future Film for Sweden and Finland.

The $1.4m picture about a boy who longs to escape from a prison of boredom in Iceland, was previously sold to Palm Pictures for the US, Lucky Red for Italy, Filmmuseum for The Netherlands, Xenix for Switzerland and Polyfilm for Austria.

The next few days at the AFM should closure of further licensing deals to Australia, Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan and Korea.

Launched in the Tiger Awards competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won the Moviezone prize, the film also won the jury grand prix and the "kudo" for best musical score at the Angers festival of first films.

At the Gothenburg festival it took the Nordic Prize, the FIPRESCI and the ecumenical prize. Noi was produced by director, Dagur Kari's Zik Zak Filmworks, Essential Filmproduktion, M&M Productions and The Bureau.