UGC International has struck a number of key sales deals on its big-budget supernatural Western, Mike Blueberry, Expanded Reality.

The $35m film, directed by Jan Kounen, who previously made the stylish and ultraviolent Dobermann, is the story of a "Wild West" marshal who faces the challenge of a lifetime when his arch enemy steps out of the past. It stars Vincent Cassel, Michael Madsen and Juliette Lewis.

Blueberry was sold to Central Partnership for Russia, I-Vision for Korea, Prooptiki for Greece, Les Films De L'Elysee for Belgium, Nontanund for Thailand and Hollywood Classics for the Czech Republic. UGC International also completed a deal for Japan, but cannot yet reveal its partner due to a temporary confidentiality clause.

UGC International will screen a 10-minute, 35mm promo at Cannes in May with the completed film being delivered in time for a Christmas release in France at the end of the year.

Production is by Thomas Langmann and Ariel Zeitoun, through their companies La Petite Reine and Ajoj Films respectively.