The deal will include Paul Breuls’ (pictured) romantic comedy Meant To Be and drama The Box Collector.

Anchor Bay has struck a multi-title distribution deal with Paul Breuls’ Corsan for the US, UK and Australia which will include drama The Box Collector and heist thriller The Hessen Affair with Billy Zane. (Anchor Bay does not hold Australian rights for The Hessen Affair).

The arrangement will cover films emanating from the Belgian production, sales and financing entity over the next two years.

Meant To Be is screening in the market here. Roland Joffe’s epic romance Singularity, set to shoot this summer, will also fall under the deal.

In certain cases Corsan may provide p&a budgets towards the releases, which will go out as platform releases and expand wide in subsequent weeks.

“We’ve been trying to improve the quality of our projects and one of the cornerstones is domestic distribution,” Breuls said. “Now we have access to one of the most difficult and demanding markets in the world.”

Kevin Kasha, head of acquisitions at Anchor Bay, added: “The exciting thing about partnering with Corsan is they are still assembling a slate and we can be a true partner on their productions going forward.”