Deals include Jinga Films selling romantic comedy Timer and Hawthorn selling UK sci fi feature UFO.

Paris-based genre specialist DC Medias has sold David Cholewa upcoming sci-fi horror film Dark Shadows to Japanese distributor Inter Film. The picture revolves around the passing of a comet that transforms the inhabitants of Paris into wacky alien creatures. It is the first in-house production for DC Medias, which specialises in horror, thriller and action movies. 

Jinga Films is selling out on Jac Schaeffer’s romantic-comedy Timer, which has sold to Comart for South Africa, Underground for Spain, CDF for Italy and MG forFormer Yugoslavia.

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UK sci-fi feature UFO, currently in post, has been sold to Japan (Presidio), China (Star Alliance), Germany (Telepool), Middle East (Eagle Films) and Eastern Europe (SPI). Dominic Burns direct the film, which is being presented to buyers here by Hawthorn Productions and producer Andy Thompson as well as Peter Trinh for ICM Talent. 

UK black comedy Dead in France has sold to Atypik Films for France. The Arnaud De Fremond, Eric Boqueho and Benjamin Delaporte of Atypik Films and Brian Levine of Delacheroy Films.