Lithuanian crime thriller Zero 2 and Adam Mason’s Luster are garnering interest from buyers in Cannes.

Patrick Ewald’s Los Angeles-based Epic Pictures is reporting interest in the sexy Lithuanian crime thriller Zero 2 from Emilis Velyvis.

The highest grossing Lithuanian release follows a pair of hitmen ordered to recover a missing drugs shipment from a deadly crime lord.

“It has a touch of Snatch, a touch of Pulp Fiction and a lot of originality that makes it one of the most entertaining films I have seen in quite a while,” Ewald said.

Also drawing attention is Epic Pictures Group and Azurelite Pictures’ thriller Luster directed by genre aficionado Adam Mason.

Luster tells of a troubled businessman who thinks he is being stalked by his next-door neighbour when in fact his tormentor is another side of his split personality. Billy Burke, Holly Valance and Matthew Rhys star.