The Dutch producer and Oscar-nominated director will take over the former Isabella Films’ slate and develop new projects.

Dutch producer Els Vandervorst and director Martin Koolhoven (pictured) have joined forces to launch new production company, N279 Entertainment.

The new company will take over a slate of titles from Isabella Films, which was previously led by Vandervorst. It will also develop new projects.

Vandervorst was producer on Koolhoven’s Winter In Wartime, which was on the shortlist for last year’s Foreign Language Oscar.

“Martin is not only one of the strongest directors we have in Holland but he is a very good initiator. He is always having ideas and he can work closely with directors,” Vandervorst said of her partner. She and Koolhoven are 50/50 partners in the venture.

Projects that N279 is currently developing include Gimmick!, adapted from the book by Dutch author Joost Zwagerman about a young artist descending into an underground world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This is being scripted by Christophe Dirickx (who co-wrote The Misfortunates).

Also on the development slate is Westerling, about about controversial Dutch military commander Raymond Pierre Paul Westerling who was labelled a war criminal for his activities in Indonesia in the 1940s. Fu Works initiated the project and N279 will be a partner on the project.

Meanwhile, Mieke de Jong is scripting Lena, which Christophe Van Rompaey is set to direct.  The new company is also working on an adaptation of David Grossman’s The Zigzag Kid, which was developed by Bos Br0s alongside N279.