A gang of street kids, known as Captains of the Sands, are hunted like common criminals in Bahia –even though they are just abandoned children.

Prod companies: Lagoa Cultural, Maga Filmes, Araça Azul and MGN Filmes (Portugal)
Backers: Freeway Entertainment KFT, Coelba/Neoenergia, BNDES, Petrobras, Brasilcap, Oi, Eletrobras
Producers: Bruno Stroppiana and Cecilia Amado
Budget: US$ 3.5m
Intl sales: Ondamax Films - Eric Mathis (info@ondamaxfilms.com)
Director: Cecilia Amado
Screenplay: Cecilia Amado and Hilton Lacerda
DoP: Guy Gonçalves
Production Design: Adrian Cooper
Art Director: Adrian Cooper
Cast: Jean Luis Amorim, Ana Graciela Silva, Roberio Almeida and Israel Gouveia de Souza
Locations: Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)
Shooting from when until when: from Sept 2008 to June 2009
Contact: Bruno Stroppiana (lagoacultural@visualnet.com.br)