The UK's Carlton International has sold a package of 15 films to Chinese broadcaster CCTV6. Titles include both classic and contemporary fare and range from Boys From Brazil, Sophie's Choice and Great Expectations from Carlton's ITC library to Often Running and Night To Remember from its Rank collection and Fire Over England from the recently acquired Rohauer catalogue.

"This package is one of several we have completed with The Movie Channel. There is a continuing appetite in China for high quality drama features," said Sarah Lloyd Williams, senior sales executive at Carlton International.

The deal, estimated to be worth $100,000, gives CCTV6 three transmissions over two years. The terms are usually fully exclusive or exclusive for the first year. CCTV6, which screens eight features a day, is one of a cluster of CCTV stations that are broadcast by satellite and re-transmitted by 400 local and municipal cable operators. When it launched in early 1996 the channel claimed a viewership of 12 million. "The licence fee for the audience is still very low, but when you are able to do volume deals like these it is very worthwhile," said Lloyd Williams.

Made-for-TV programming also scores. "Remakes of the classics, such as Emma have been included in the previous packages and are very popular," said Lloyd Williams. "The new deal also includes Stanley's Dragon, a feature version of our 1997 series."

Carlton also recently extended a deal with CCTV8, a joint venture with Encore, for its Noah's Ark series. The channel recently carried Carlton's 25x1hour, plus 2x2h Bramwell series.