Cathay-Keris Films announced at ScreenSingapore this week that Singaporean film Red Numbers will be released February 22, 2013.

The film is the feature directorial debut of Dom Ow, who is also the producer and director of the National Geographic channel and web reality series Every Singaporean Son, currently in its second season.

Described as a madcap comedy which unfolds in magical realism with heavy doses of black humour, the film revolves around a man who is told by a fengshui master that he only has “three lucky minutes” in his whole life.

His fortune intertwines with that of a greedy family whose grandfather holds the key to a winning lottery number. Red Numbers will also feature iconic Singaporean locations and play with quirky Asian family dynamics.

The script was written by award-winning writer Koh Teng Liang who was behind the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) classic TV series The Teochew Family, The Guest People, Hainan Kopi Tales and, more recently, Kampong Ties, with Mediacorp.

The film features a cast that includes first-time actor and fengshui master Hui Shifu as well as established TV stars such as Edmund Chen and Hong Huifang.