Teresa Cavina and Giorgio Gossetti, co-curators of theRome International Film Festival's Cinema 2008 section will not renew their mandate for next year's festival.

Both have cited uncertainty about the direction of future editions following changes in the local government's political hierarchy, which may impact the festival.

Their roles in developing the festival have been fundamental since its inception and first edition in 2006. Cavina also over-saw the New Cinema Network, Rome's co-production market while Gossetti oversaw the Business Street, Rome's market event.

Commenting to Screen Cavina said, 'The films in this year's edition are the ones we really wanted and we selected them in total autonomy and we feel happy to step aside in a year that the festival meets our objectives.'

The two main prize winning films from this year's edition were both from the Cinema 2008 section Cavina and Gossetti co-curate. Siddiq Barmak's Opium War took the top Marco Aurelio Critics' prize and Giacomo Battiato's Resolution 819 took the Marco Aurelio Audience prize. Both were festival world premieres.

Cavina's contract was renewable each edition while Gossetti has said his contract keeps him on board through December.