EXCLUSIVE: Project based on Francois Lelord’s bestseller

Peter Chelsom is to direct Egoli Tossell’s film adaptation of Francois Lelord’s bestselling novel Hector And The Search For Happiness. British director Chelsom, whose recent credits include Shall We Dance, Hannah Montana: The Movie and Serendipity in the US, will return to Europe to make the film for the first time since Funny Bones in 1995.

Based on the bestselling French novel by Francois Lelord, which has been a success in many other countries and sold over two million copies in Germany alone, Hector tells the story of a charming but confused young psychiatrist and his global adventures in search of happiness. His quest takes him from Paris to China, Africa and California.

“When I read it, it came as no surprise that Hector is a huge best-seller,” said Chelsom. “It is a very universal and timely story, reminding me at times of Being There in terms of how it merges such simplicity with such power. Very much a fable. I have been looking forward to making a European based film for a long time and I’m incredibly impressed with how prolific Egoli Tossell are, how substantial and ambitious their films are.”

Berlin-based Egoli Tossell, which went into insolvency in January, is at Cannes with a slate of projects following a refinancing of the company through Film House Germany AG, a division of merchant bankers ABL Group.