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    Canana picks up five films for distribution in Mexico


    Canana, the production company founded by actors Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and producer Pablo Cruz, has lined up five films for release in Mexico through its new distribution arm. Most of the titles are first films by local film-makers. The first to be released is Aaron Fernandez's directorial debut ...

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    Gaviria's Latinos takes RTVE award at Guadalajara meetings


    The award's sponsor, Spanish public TV station RTVE, will determine the amount of the prize, ranging from $200,286-$333,842 (Euros 150,000-250,000) after seeing the finished film. RTVE will hold the TV and DVD rights in Spain for the film.

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    Guadalajara to open next week with El Cafe De Los Maestros


    The 23rd Guadalajara International Film Festival will open next Friday with Mguel Kohan's El Cafe De Los Maestros, a documentary about the glory days of Argentinian Tango.Argentina is the featured country this year and ten Argentinian films will screen this year, while the festival will also act as a meeting ...

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    Mi Vida Dentro wins top prize at Mexico's Morelia Film Festival


    Lucia Gajá's documentary Mi Vida Dentro (My Life Inside), a tragic story of a Mexican young woman who migrated illegally to USA and was later imprisoned on suspicion of murder, won top prize at the fifth Morelia Film Festival in Mexico.The film shows the legal process, the verdict, the separation ...

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    Morelia Film Festival to open with The Orphanage


    The 5th edition of the Morelia Film Festival opens onOctober 5 with The Orphanage (El Orfanato), directed by Spanish Juan Antonio Bayona and produced by Guillermo del Toro.

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    Mexico submits Reygadas' Silent Light as Oscar entry


    The film, which Reygadas also wrote and produced, is a Mennonite love story with dialogue in an unusual old German dialect.

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    Mexico - Duo draw on local inspiration


    Young film-making duo Israel Cardenas and Laura Guzman are typical of a new generation of Latin American film-makers in their desire to portray the continent without resorting to stereotypes. Their debut feature, Cochochi, explores the life and culture of an indigenous Mexican tribe, the Tarahumaras, through two young brothers' search ...

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    Cha cha cha: the dream team


    A staggering who's who of Mexican talent is in production on Carlos Cuaron's feature directorial debut Rudo Y Cursi. Chiara Arroyo reports from the first leg of the shoot.

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    Chiara Arroyo: asilent witness


    The Mexican director of the Cannes prize-winner Silent Light tells Chiara Arroyo why he chose to make a film about an isolated German-speaking sect.

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    El Violin a surprise hit at Mexican box office for Canana


    Francisco Vargas' El Violin, the first distribution release from Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal and Pablo Cruz's outfit Canana, has been a surprise hit in Mexico on 20 prints, scoring the number one ranking at the box office in its first weekend and some 36,000 admissions in its first week.The ...

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    Canana to release Francisco Vargas'El Violin in Mexico


    Canana, the Mexican production company founded by actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna with producer Pablo Cruz, has acquired Francisco Vargas' El Violin for distribution as its first theatrical release in Mexico.Despite winning 25 international awards and scoring sales in many foreign territories - including the US (Film Movement) ...

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    Pan's Labyrinth leads the field for Mexico's Ariel Awards


    Guillermo Del Toro's Oscar-nominated Pan's Labyrinth led the field for the annual Ariel Awards in Mexico presented by the Mexican Academy Of Cinematographic Arts And Sciences.The film took 12 nominations including best picture, director, actor and actress.Scoring seven nominations was Francisco Vargas' El Violin which was nominated for picture, director, ...

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    Mexico City's FICCO begins with Children, to run to March 4


    The fourth edition of Mexico City's International Contemporary Film Festival (FICCO) kicked off on Wednesday night with Todd Field's Oscar-nominated Little Children and runs through to March 4.More than 3,000 guests attended the opening at the Cinemex Antara complex where FICCO Is headquartered this year. The festival, one of Mexico's ...

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    Shooting from the hip


    The name Canana, which translates as "cartridge belt", has an almost revolutionary ring to it. That fits with the goals of the Mexican production house's founders Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal and Pablo Cruz. "We want productions that give the world an insight into our reality," says Cruz, who runs ...

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    Mexican documentary festival Ambulante to open with Jesus Camp


    The second edition of this travelling film festival will tour 15 cities in Mexico until March 29. 'Our goal is to give the people the chance to see documentary films from all over the world on commercials screens, to bring them to places where they are rarely seen,' said Elena ...

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    Canana finishes first picture Cochochi in Mexico


    Canana, the new Mexicanproduction company founded by Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz,has wrapped the six-week shoot of its first film Cochochi in co-production with Donald K Ranvaud's Buena OndaLtd.