Cineclick Asia has unveiled details of the new picture fromKim Ki-duk, the Korean maestro (ThreeIron) who last year won best director prizes at both Berlin and Venice.

Kim has previously announcedseveral projects, including one to be co-produced in Europe, but The Bow, a challenging drama about thegrowing love affair between a teenage girl and a 60-year-old man, has racedahead and is already in post-production.

Although he is using CGI for the first time, Kim expects tobe able to deliver the picture in time for the Cannes festival.

"We are introducing the filmhere in Berlin, but will not show any footage until much later," said SuhYoung-joo, chief executive of Cineclick Asia, the sales company which hashandled several of his previous films. Buyers are working from a single visualand a long-form treatment. Nevertheless, Suh said: "We expect to sell mostEuropean territories this week, though may hold back on North America for a bitlonger."

The Bow ispartially set at sea and Suh says that stylistically the film is closest toKim's Spring Summer Autumn Winter Springand to The Isle. Like his most recentart-house smash Three Iron (Bin Jip) there is no dialogue betweenthe two main protagonists.

The $1.2m picture is jointlyfinanced by Kim Ki Duk Film Production and Japanese production and financehouse Happinet Pictures. The film features veteranactor Jeon Seong-hwan (Ogu) and SeoMin-jeong, who appeared in Kim's SamaritanGirl.