Brazilian film promotion body Cinema do Brasil is presenting seven titles to buyers during the AFM including Brazil’s foreign language Oscar submission The Clown.

Astro - An Urban Fable In A Magical Rio De Janeiro directed by Paula Trabulsi is scheduled to screen tomorrow (Nov 3) at Fairmont 5 and Elo Company handles sales.

There will be weekend screenings of Mara Mourão’s Who Cares! (Quem Se Importa!) distributed by Imovision and Cadu Barcellos, Luciano Vidigal, Rodrigo Felha and Wagner Novais’ Peace In Rio (Pacificação) distributed by Riofilme.

The promotional platform includes: The Uprising directed by Raphael Aguinaga and produced by Querosene Filmes, Caio Sóh’s Soulbound produced by Lobo Filmes and Juliana Reis’ AE-AutoExposure produced by Diversid’arte.

Bananeira Films’ The Clown (O Palhaço) from director Selton Mello screened earlier in the week.

“The American Film Market is an important access for Brazilian movies into the American market,” said Cinema do Brasil chairman André Sturm.

In partnership with the Ministry Of External Relations (MRE), Cinema do Brasil will also promote a meeting between Brazilian and foreign professionals tomorrow (Nov 3).