UPDATED MAR 25: The first DreamWorks Animation film to open through Fox opened in fine style outside North America thanks to a confirmed $63.1m haul from 11,709 screens in 46 markets. Meanwhile, Django Unchained crossed $250m through Sony.

Severe weather conditions across much of Europe could not subdue the caveman clan. The majority of markets delivered number one results, led by Russia on $12.7m from 2,166 including previews for the biggest non-franchise launch for an animated film.

A $8.7m debut in Mexico from 1,911 produced the same accolade, while the UK generated $8.1m from 1,100.  Both results include previews.

The Croods opened in Germany on $4.2m from 986 while $4.2m in Brazil from 679 was good enough for the second biggest non-franchise launch for an animated film.

The family film arrived in Italy on $4.1m from 788, Spain on $3.3m from 767 and Argentina on $1.4m from 231 for Fox’s third biggest launch. Australia, Belgium and Holland and the new markets next weekend.

The enduring popularity of the seemingly ageless Bruce Willis continued to weave its spell over film-goers. A Good Day To Die Hard brought in a further $11.9m through Fox International from 6,085 screens in 38 markets to boost the tally to $221.9m.

Weekend business was buoyed by a solid $5.9m second weekend in China on 3,300 screens that raised the running total to $27.5m and a $4.1m debut in Australia on 392. Lincoln stands at $81.4m.

  • Oz The Great And Powerful remains a potent force in the hands of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. The adventure fantasy added $21.7m to stand at $178.8m, which is almost the same as the $177.6m North American gross and results in a $356.4m global score.

By territory, the Russians have embraced Sam Raimi’s film most passionately, delivering $24.6m to date. Oz has taken $15.3m in the UK, $12.5m in Mexico, $12.3m in Japan, $11.8m in Australia, $11.5m in Brazil and $9.9m in France. Spain has returned $5.9m.

Oz should have little trouble reaching $200m given that it is scheduled to open in China next weekend.

Wreck-It Ralph added $4.1m to reach $257.1m internationally and $445.8m worldwide.

  • UPDATE: Warner Bros reported that Jack The Giant Slayer added a confirmed $20m from 47 markets to raise the running total to $61.4m. The adventure fantasy opened in second place in Russia on a highly impressive $6.9m from 1,325, while the UK debut generated a solid $2.4m from 831 for second place. Argo has reached $93.8m and The Hobbit stands at $712.8m.
  • UPDATE: Resident Evil: Retribution brought in a confirmed $4.7m from its second weekend in China to reach $13.9m there and $194m overall, of which $178.7m comes from Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Sony’s international apparatus helped Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained cross $250m as a further $3.1m from 52 markets resulted in a magnificent $251m running total. The Western opened in South Korea on $830,011 from 346.

  • UPDATE: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters grossed a confirmed $3.4m through Paramount Pictures International from 1,816 sites in 33 markets as the tally climbed to $154.1m through PPI. Germany stands at $14.7m after four and France $6.3m after three. Paramount unleashes G.I. Joe: Retaliation in 53 territories next weekend.
  • UPDATE: Universal Pictures International reported that Mama added $3.3m from 35 territories to reach $52m. Working Title’s Les Misérables added $1.9m from 39 for $284.7m, which combines with the $148.7m North American haul for a $433.6m global tally.

Audiences continue to lap up the foul-mouthed teddy bear in Japan, where Ted has amassed $44.5m after 65 days. The international running total stands at $329.6m and worldwide is $548.4m. Anna Karenina stands at $52.5m, Identity Thief $8.3m and This Is 40 $18.5m.

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