Sony's mystery TheForgotten added an estimated $3mthrough all distributors at the weekend to raise its international runningtotal to $22.6m.

The bulk of this came from27 Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) markets, whichproduced $2.8m on 1,350 screens for a $22m CTFDI total.

The picture has grossed$4.8m in Mexico after five weekends, $3.2m in Germany after two, $2.4m inAustralia after three, and just over $2m after three weekends in Brazil, whereit is still number one.

The comedy Bad Santa grossed $2.1m on 845 screens in eight CTFDI marketsfor a $5m total. Overall it took $2.2m through all distributors for a $5.3mindustry-wide running total.

Highlights were a fifthplace debut in Italy on $530,000 on 121, and seventh in Germany on $400,000 on152. It opened on $310,000 on 186 in France for an unconfirmed ranking, and 13thin Mexico on $85,000 on 92.

The Spanish comedyco-production Di Que Si fell 60%in its second weekend on $585,000 on 276 for a $2.4m running total there.