Leaders of the likely next Czech government have vowed to create a comprehensive film law to address the needs of film-makers in the Czech Republic, and are planning a provisional increase in subsidies to the industry.

Mirek Topolanek, the leader of the centre-right Civic Democrats, which emerged the frontrunners in the recent Czech general elections, met with film-makers and his likely future governing partners at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Topolanek and his coalition promised to find nearly $18m for film in 2007 which could be accessed by Czech producers.

The funds would come from existing sources, including the state budget.

Furthermore, the boost would not require an increased levy on ticket sales, rentals or broadcast advertising - conditions opposed by Czech exhibitors, rental shops and broadcasters.

Topolanek said the state budget could not be the only source of revenue for the local industry and noted that multi-source financing would require a more comprehensive film law. Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who also met with the film-makers in Karlovy Vary and who in May vetoed a measure that would have tripled the size of the state film fund, agreed that the state must help preserve Czech cinema, but repeated his opposition to the legislation he vetoed.