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    South Korea begins construction of film studio


    The South Korean port city of Busan (formerly known as Pusan) has begun construction of an indoor film studio in a bid to attract local and overseas film crews to shoot in the city. Set to be unveiled during the 2001 Pusan International Film Festival in November, the studio ...

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    CJ Entertainment could be Korea's first film IPO


    South Korean film major CJ Entertainment has registered with KOSDAQ, the local technology exchange, for a review in preparation for going public. A founding shareholder of DreamWorks SKG and a key player in the local film industry, CJ Entertainment may be the first of Korea's film companies to carry ...

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    South Korean distributor sparks censorship change


    A court case brought by South Korean distributor Indiestory against the national Media Ratings Board, has resulted in a groundbreaking decision that is likely to curtail the board's power to censor films. The ruling, by the country's highest legal authority, the Constitutional Court, renders as unconstitutional the practice of denying ...

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    Korea may withdraw national film festival support


    Korea's Ministry of Culture and Tourism is reconsidering the financial support it awards to the nation's international film festivals. Faced with a substantial increase in the number of festivals applying for support, the ministry has announced that its current policy will apply only until the end of 2002, after ...

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    Douglas Lee replaces veteran HG Lee at UIP Korea


    UIP Korea has named Douglas Lee to serve as its new general manager, following the retirement of HG Lee (Lee Hong-Geun), manager of the Korean branch since 1991. Lee, a Korean who has lived most of his life overseas, worked previously in Singapore as the marketing director for UIP's Asian ...

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    Wild Beauty enchants Korean audiences


    Korean romantic comedy A Wild Beauty, directed by Kwak Jae-yong, is enjoying runaway success in its home territory, having grossed a nationwide total of $8.9 million in its first ten days on release. The film has tied the record set by Korea's all-time box office champion Friend in ...

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    North Korean films to get South Korean release


    Two North Korean films appear likely to secure a release in South Korean theaters in the second half of this year, following the groundbreaking release of Shin Sang-okk's Pulgasari in Summer 2000.Despite the almost total lack of interest on the part of South Korean audiences during last year's one-week run ...

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    'Father of Korean cinema' starts 98th film


    Following the worldwide success of his previous feature Chunhyang, Veteran Korean director Im Kwon-taek has started production of his 98th film. Titled Chwi-hwa-seon in Korean, the film chronicles the true story of 19th century painter Jang Seung-eop, whose free lifestyle and eccentric personality earned him as much fame as his ...

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    Local comedy is Korea's biggest summer hit


    Local Korean comedy Kick The Moon has passed Pearl Harbor's $12.1m and The Mummy Returns' $11.5m to become this summer's biggest box-office hit, and the second-highest grossing film of the year after the smash hit Friend. As of July 22 the film had attracted over 3.1 million admissions nationwide ...

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    Chen Kaige to direct big-budget Korean epic


    Chinese director Chen Kaige has signed on to direct a $6.2m Korean film as his next project.The film, a period piece set on the Korean Peninsula during the era of the three kingdoms (200-660 AD), was reportedly conceived by Chen together with Lee Joo-ik, president of Korean production company Big ...

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    Korean films leap 14% at local box office


    During the first six months of 2001, Korean films have carved out a 39% share of their domestic market a spectacular leap of 14% compared with the same period last year.According to figures published by the Korean Film Commission (KOFIC) and film data company IPictures, a total of 13.6 million ...