The Dark Knight grossed $2m more at the weekend in international markets than initially thought as $67.7m and more than 8.7m admissions from 7,135 screens in 51 markets raised the running total to $128.3m.

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Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) executives announced the actual results on Monday morning. The current tally represents 112% of the entire gross of 2005's Batman Begins in the same territories. The running total so far on IMAX screens stands at $2.8m.

The outstanding result of the session came from the UK, where the action epic launched on $22.4m and attracted 2.1m admissions from 1,010 prints. The gross accounted for 57% of the top five market share. IMAX venues brought in approximately $615,000.

Italy generated $5.3m and 550,000 admissions from 638 screens, which represented more than 72% of the top five market share.

In strong second weekend holds, The Dark Knight scored the third biggest second weekend in Australia behind Shrek 2 and The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, taking $7.45m and 721,500 admissions from 472 screens nationwide for $25.2m.

The film achieved the second biggest second weekend ever in Brazil behind The Matrix Reloaded as $3.2m and 553,00 admissions raised the tally to $10.6m.

The second weekend in Mexico generated $3.6m and 854,000 admissions from 1,300 screens for $15.4m.

The next major release for The Dark Knight will be South Korea on August 7, followed by Japan on August 9, Spain and France on August 12 and Germany on August 21.

Get Smart added $5.2m and 609,000 admissions from more than 2,325 screens in 31 markets for a $65m international cumulative total.