EXCLUSIVE: Das Films has signed a deal with Beijing based Yisang Media Investment to finance the $35-$40m sci-fi.

Sriram Das and Steve Chicorel will produce the story about a return mission to Europa 20 years after an earlier crew discovered predators below the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon.

Production on Ice Moon Rising is set to commence in the third quarter of 2015. Rita Augustine wrote the screenplay.

Yisang Media previously financed and produced the animated Chinese co-production Little Big Panda and is behind the US-Chinese co-production Gods.

“Sci-fi action represents the highest international box office in China today so it’s about time we start matching Chinese and Western stars in equivalently powerful roles for these movies,” said Yisang Media CEO Chen Xiaoxiang. “That’s what everyone is trying to make and we’re excited Das Films has figured out an exhilarating recipe for success.

“Due to combining the latest Western technology and production efficiency, a Chinese co-production is the perfect fit for this film. We look forward to working with Yisang Media and continuing to explore Chinese co-productions at Das.”

Das Films’ production slate includes The November Man and the upcoming Heart Beats 3D.