EXCLUSIVE: Beijing-based filmmaker Dayyan Eng has started shooting contemporary comedy fantasy Wished, with a hot ensemble cast including Xia Yu, Yan Ni, Victoria Song and Pan Binlong.

Produced by Eng’s Colordance Pictures, the film follows a 30-year-old career guy who runs into a magical ‘celestial being’ at a point when he is becoming disillusioned with life. She tells him she can make all his wishes come true – including those from childhood.

“He’s typical of a lot of young guys, especially the so-called post-80’s generation in China, who thought they would own the world after leaving college, but after being out in the real world start questioning what the definition of success is, and what it means to be happy in life,” says Eng.

Edko Films (Monster Hunt) and Union Films (The Mermaid) are jointly distributing the film. Eng is producing with Han Zhang, and also co-wrote the script with Justin Malen (aka Mai Hongwen).

Xia Yu previously starred in Eng’s Waiting Alone (2005), one of China’s first and best-loved romantic comedies, and also has credits including Mojin – The Lost Legend and Jiang Wen’s In The Heat Of The Sun.

Yan Ni (Monster Hunt) worked with Eng on Inseparable (2011), a dramedy-psychological suspense film, starring Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu.

Victoria Song (aka Song Qian), is best known as the Chinese member of K-pop band f(x) and stars in the upcoming My Best Friend’s Wedding remake, while Pan Binlong starred in hit comedy Pancake Man. Daniel Wu, Wang Baoqiang and Ning Jing are among the actors playing cameos, according to Chinese press.

Scheduled to wrap in early August, Wished is being lined up for Chinese theatrical release in late 2016 or spring 2017.