New films from Rolf de Heer and Hana Makhmalbaf will make their world premieres as part of the Visions programme at the Toronto International Film Festival, the festival announced today.

The 13 titles join the seven titles already announced, including Roy Andersson's You, The Living and Ulrich Seidl's Import Export, in competing for the Artistic Innovation Award. Last year's winner Ozer Kiziltan's Takva - A Man's Fear Of God, a Turkey-Germany coproduction, earned an international following and won the FIPRESCI prize at Berlin this year.

The Artistic Innovation Award jury is composed of Dutch multimedia artist Lonnie van Brummelen, Canadian photoconceptual artist Ian Wallace and Canadian hat designer Misa Harada. The prize will be presented at the Awards Cocktail on Saturday, September 15, 2007.


Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame
Hana Makhmalbaf (Afghanistan)
The second feature from the youngest daughter of Iranian auteur Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the film is set amidst the wreckage beneath the fallen historical statues of the Buddha blown up by the Taliban. A six-year-old Afghan girl is harrassed by boys playing games that mimic the violence that surrounds them.

Dans La Ville De Sylvia
Jose Luis Guerin (Spain)
A young foreigner in Strasbourg searches for a girl that he had met years ago armed only with a handful of mementoes: a box of matches from the cafe where they met, a beer coaster with notes scrawled on it and a bookstore address.

Death In The Land Of Encantos
Lav Diaz (Philippines)
After seven years, Filipino poet Benjamin Agusan (Roeder Camanag) returns to his hometown of Padang after Super Typhoon Durian devastates and buries it under mud. He wanders around the obliterated village meeting old friends and lovers.

Dr Plonk
Rolf de Heer (Australia)
In 1907, the eccentric scientist and inventor Dr Plonk (Nigel Lunghi) calculates that the world will end in 101 years unless immediate action is taken. Realizing he needs evidence to prove his claims, he builds a time machine to visit the strange and deadly year 2007. Dr Plonk is a black and white silent comedy shot with a hand-cranked camera as a tribute to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films.

Anahi Berneri (Argentina)
The second feature by Anahi Berneri (A Year Without Love), Encarnacion is the story of aging B-list actress Erni Levier (Silvia Perez) who is invited to her beloved 15-year-old niece's birthday. Erni decides to make the difficult trip back to her hometown and face her family who knew her as Encarnacion - the girl who fled to the city to sell her body in salacious B-films. The trip brings Erni and her niece closer together as they learn a few things about life: who they are, who they want to be and standing up for their choices.

Lee Myung-se (South Korea)
In this supernatural love story by director Lee Myung-se (Duelist), a 30-something writer (Kang Dong-won) loses his memory and falls in love with a mysterious young girl who fills him with ideas and inspiration. Also starring Lee Yeon-hee.

Mange, Ceci Est Mon Corps
Michelange Quay (France)
An unusual relationship between a privileged white woman and her young servant, Patrick, sets them on a visceral and hypnotic journey of self-discovery across poverty stricken Haiti. For the first time, she will see and hear the land and its people, witness their suffering, and sense the reality of her own body.

Lawrence Johnston (Australia)
From Eternity director Lawrence Johnston, Night explores the universal nature of night and how it is experienced. People from all walks of life tell stories of what night means to them, capturing the mystery, mood and magic of it against a dramatic symphonic score by composer Cezary Skubiszewski.

Alexander Voulgaris (Greece)
A character study about how young people in Greece live today. Vassilis (played by director/writer Alexander Voulgaris) faces a deluge of emotions on the way to becoming a man.

Silent Resident
Christian Frosch (Austria/Germany/Luxembourg/Hungary)
A science-fiction thriller by avant-garde Austrian director Christian Frosch (Die Totale Therapie, - Fragment) Silent Resident tells the story of a young woman named Hannah (Brigitte Hobmeier) who after leaving her abusive husband, moves into a new complex: Neuestadt. Her new life quickly turns out to be even more sinister when strange events begin occuring around her.

Sous Les Toits De Paris
Hiner Saleem (France)
Sitting at the local pool every Monday provides 80-year-old Marcel and his best friend Amar relief from their stuffy, attic apartments with communal bathrooms. Once a week, Therèse, a woman in her sixties who has eyes for Marcel, serves them both her finest dishes at the neighbourhood bar.

Those Three
Naqi Nemati (Iran)
A feature film debut from Naqi Nemati which recounts the journey of three soldiers - a father named Essi, Yousef the quiet athlete and the bespectacled Darius - who are lost in an Iranian glacial desert and must overcome nature's dominion and regain their individual freedom.

Time To Die
Dorota Kedzierzawska (Poland)
Time To Die is a depiction of the daily life of an old woman named Aniela, played by Polish screen and stage legend Danuta Szaflarska, that is full of joyous memories, rambling conversations and feisty confrontations.