Citizen Havel, the groundbreaking feature-length documentary about Vaclav Havel, has been picked up for world sales by German sales outfit Deckert Distribution.

Deckert has taken all rights on the film excluding Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. North American rights will be handled by the film's US co-producer Michael Wolkowitz.

'This film will have a long festival life,' said Hans Deckert, who will be selling rights to the theatrical version. Then, in a year's time, a TV version will be made available. 'That is something we expect to sell very well too.'

Citizen Havel, directed by Pavel Koutecky and Miroslav Janek, is screening
in the Berlin Forum. It offers a portrait of Havel, the leader of the so-called Velvet Revolution and an iconic figure in the contemporary Czech Republic. The film, which took many years to make, features rare behind-the-scenes footage of Havel. The original director Koutecky, a friend of Havel, died in 2006. The film was then completed by Janek.

The Czech producers of the documentary are Negativ, the outfit behind Bohdan Slama's international hit Someone Else's Happiness and Slama's new project Country Teacher, on Wild Bunch's EFM slate.