The Directors Guild Of America (DGA) and The Film Foundation have set up The Zinnemann Fund to protect and promote artists' rights.

DGA member Tim Zinnemann, son of the late director and DGA lifetime achievement award winner Fred Zinnemann, developed the idea with money from a court settlement in his favour after Italian broadcaster TV Internazionale aired an unauthorised colorised version of his father's 1944 wartime drama The Seventh Cross.

The Film Foundation will manage the fund and Zinnemann has stipulated that the money be used 'exclusively for expenses connected with the pursuit of, and the recognition and establishment of the moral rights of the American film directors, including litigation.'

'As a DGA member myself, I recognise the importance of my father's efforts to protect artists' rights,' Zinnemann stated. 'We could not idly stand by while my father's vision and creative choices were treated with such disregard.

'Thanks to the efforts of Elliot Silverstein and the Artists Rights Foundation, my father's case has finally been settled after many long years. I hope The Zinnemann Fund will help protect the rights of other artists for many years to come.'

'Film preservation and protection are akin to the body and soul of film-making,' Film Foundation chair Martin Scorsese added. 'For the body, it's the preservation of the work, and for the soul, its protection of the rights for those who created the work. You can't have one without the other.'