Elias is completing the last hours of a two-year community service sentence working as an ER nurse. The evening turns to catastrophe when Rudy, his former accomplice, comes to ER after a road accident in which he was trying to elude the dastardly Ortega brothers with some of the booty from their latest diamond heist. With the diamonds now stashed somewhere in the hospital, Elias must find them in order to save his friend’s life.

Prod Companies : Gaumont and Hugo Productions

Intl Sales : Gaumont

Budget : Euros 5.9m

Director : Christophe Campos

Screenplay : Christophe Campos, Mabrouk El Mechri

Cast : Omar Sy, Frédéic Testot, Pio Marmaï, Dominique Pinon, Karim Belkhadra

Locations: Paris, Angouleme

Contact : Gaumont