Chapman University’s ambitious film school said the festival will run in Orange County, California, from Nov 11-13 when Bong Joon-ho will receive the inaugural Busan West Icon Award.

Over the course of three days Dodge College will host a showcase of contemporary and classic Asian films selected primarily from the 2011 Busan International Film Festival by Dodge College Professor Nam Lee.

Bong will present The Host in 3D to open the event and will take part in a masterclass.

“In our increasingly interdependent global society, the language of film offers one of the most direct ways in which peoples of different cultures can come to know one another, both in their differences and similarities,” dean Robert Basset said. “Thus the growing popularity of international cinema is no surprise. Audiences worldwide hunger for the visual and visceral experience of other cultures that-short of the experience of travel itself-only film can provide.”

In 2009 the two institutions launched Pusan West.