EXCLUSIVE: Steven Paul has wrapped production on Dracula: The Dark Prince, one of 10 features he has committed to producing in the next 12 months through his group of companies SP Entertainment Group, Crystal Edge and Crystal Sky.

The vampire project shot in Romania and stars Luke Roberts, Kelly Wenham and Jon Voight as Van Helsing. Pearry Teo directs from a screenplay he co-wrote with Nicole Jones.

“It’s a film that will appeal to the legion of Twilight fans around the world,” said Paul. “Our Dracula is a young, good-looking hero who is betrayed by those closest to him and exacts his revenge on a grand scale.”

On the runway are: writer-director Shawn Robert Smith’s found footage horror film The 4th Reich scheduled to shoot in the first quarter of 2013; family title The Barker Family that writer-director Greg Poppen will shoot in January; children’s film Freddie Frankenstein from director Michael Givens; and action title The Tournament from director Pearry Teo.

Paul’s longtime business consultant Scott Karol will serve as executive producer on the slate.

Paul, whose producing credits include the Ghost Rider franchise, Baby Geniuses and Tekken, recently announced a 45-film distribution deals with Anchor Bay in North America, the UK and Australia and Aventi in France.