French sales company has a busy Cannes market, also including Women Are Heroes and In Your Hands.

Elle Driver has announced a string of sales following the Cannes Market. The Critics Week title Rubber, about a homicidal tyre, has sold to the US (Magnolia), the UK (Optimum), Australia (Madman), Germany (Capelight), Switzerland (Xenix) and Mexico (Corazon Films). The Paris-based sales company is in talks with Japan, Italy and Benelux on the picture.

Gustavo Hernandez’ Silent House has gone to the UK (Optimum), Germany (Kinowelt), Australia (Madman), Mexico (Corazon Films), Argentina (BF Distribution), Scandinavia (Atlantic), France (UFO), Brazil (Playarte) and Colombia (Cine Colombia). Talks are ongoing with Italy, Spain, Japan and Russia.

The Assault, about the highjacking of an Air France jet in 1994, has sold to Optimum in the UK and also completed deals in Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Documentary Women Are Heroes has been picked up by Phars Films in the Middle East, Cinemania in Ex-Yugoslavia, Imagine in Benelux and HBO for pay-TV across Latin America. Rezo is releasing in France.

The Kristin Scott Thomas-starring In Your Hands also sold to HBO for Latin America and went to Hagi Films in Poland, Cine Colombia in Colombia, Cineart in Benelux, Frenetic in Switzerland and Alpha Films in Argentina.