A film director is the main reason for a traffic accident. He flees from the scene only to discover the next day that the man he ran down hides a secret able to overturn the government.

Prod companies: Alphaville Pictures

Backers: The Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film &TV Fund, Coficup/Backup Films, DR, SF Film, YLE

Producers: Tine Grew Pfeiffer

Budget: Euros 2.3m

Intl sales: The Match Factory

Director: Christoffer Boe

Screenplay: Christoffer Boe

DoP: Manuel Alberto Claro

Art Director: Thomas Greve

Cast: Jens Albinus, Paprika Steen, Nicolas Bro

Locations: Copenhagen and Prague

Shooting dates: April 14 - May 25th 2009

Contact: Alphaville Pictures (45) 33 91 91 70