Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang's romantic comedy If You Are The One has become the second biggest Chinese-language film in Chinese film history, grossing $44.22m (RMB302m) since its Dec 18 release.

The film is second only to the first part of John Woo's two-part Red Cliff, which set the record of $45.68m (RMB312m) in August 2008.

Released on 700 film prints and some 300 digital screens, If You Are The One had a strong opening weekend, taking in $11.68m (RMB80m). The New Year holiday has further boosted ticket sales of the film and pushed the earnings to a new high. The film had grossed $44.22m as of 4pm on Jan 6, according to its backer and producer Huayi Brothers Pictures.

Titanic is the only other film that has ever grossed more than RMB300m in China. Released in 1998, the film took $52.71m (RMB360m) and remains the highest grossing film ever in mainland China.

Zhang Yimou's 2006 Curse Of The Golden Flower is the fourth highest grossing film overall in China with $43.63m (RMB298m) while DreamWorks and Paramount's 2007 hit Transformers comes in fifth with $41m (RMB280m).

Budgeted at $7.32m (RMB50m), If You Are The One stars Ge You and Shu Qi in a story about a rich, middle-aged man's quest to find his Ms Right. Now in its fifth week, the film will soon face competition from the second installment of Red Cliff which opens today (Jan 7) and Ning Hao's Crazy Racer on Jan 20.