Penny Wolf's The Film Consultancy Partners and Carey Fitzgerald's High Point Media Group have joined forces to handle international sales for Mary McGuckian's Inconceivable, the third film in the director's 'amorality trilogy.'

The film, previously known as Art In Las Vegas, is a UK-Canadian co-production between the UK's Pembridge Pictures, Canada's Prospero Pictures and financing from Scion Films.

The ensemble cast features Andie MacDowell, Jennifer Tilly, Elizabeth McGovern, Colm Feore, Geraldine Chaplin, David Sutcliffe, Jordi Mollà, Kerry Fox, Donna D'Erico and John Sessions.

The story takes place at an infertility clinic in Las Vegas, where soemthing inconeivable happens and causes patients to question their hopes.

The Film Consultancy Partners and High Point Media Group will show the promo reel at High Point's offices in the Residences du Grand Hotel and via an invitation-only screening.

McGuckian's other film in the trilogy were 2005's Rag Tale, set at a newspaper office, and current project Intervention, set at a rehab clinic.