France's Films Distribution has unveiled a new slate of four genre movies heading into the EFM.

In what the company calls a diversification of its line up, the new films are:

Ruiflec: The Village Of Shadows directed by Fouad Benhammou and starring Sara Forestier about a group of young people trapped in a hostile and isolated village;

Claus Drexl's 3 Monkeys, starring Andre Dussollier and Miou-Miou in a heist story told from three different points of view;

The Horde - executive produced by Xavier Gens and directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher - an end-of-the-world tale replete with gangsters and vengeful policemen forced to join forces against bloodthirsty zombies and finally;

Humans which tells the story of the discovery of what appear to be the last of the Neanderthals as they seek out new mating partners. The film is directed by Pierre-Olivier Thevenin and Jacque-Oliver Molon.