New films by Hal Hartley (Fay Grim), Eytan Fox (The Bubble), Korea's Hong Sangsoo (Woman On The Beach), actress Julie Delpy (Two Days in Paris) and actor Antonio Banderas (Summer Rain) are among the titles so far confirmed for more than half of the programme for this year's Panorama at the Berlinale next month.

Among the documentaries lined up for screening are Lucy Walker's Blindsight following the gripping adventure of six blind Tibetan teenagers setting out to climb the 23,000 foot Lhakpa Ri on the north side of Mount Everest, Jeff Garlin's a portrait of the maverick filmmaker John Waters in The Filthy World, and Stephen Kijak's Scott Walker-30 Century Man, charting the musician's artistic career over four decades with contributions by such fans as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Alison Goldfrapp, Marc Almond and Radiohead.

The films confirmed for Panorama so far (in alphabetical order):

Alice's House (A casa de Alice) by Chico Teixeira (Brazil)
Anna M. by Michel Spinosa (France)
Blindsight by Lucy Walker (UK)
Dasepo Naughty Girls (Dasepo Sonyeo) by E. J-Yong (Korea )
Fay Grim by Hal Hartley (Germany/US)
Interview by Steve Buscemi (US/Netherlands)
Lady Chatterley by Pascale Ferran (France/Belgium)
Lagerfeld Confidentiel by Rodolphe Marconi (France)
La Leon by Santiago Otheguy (Argentina/France)
No Regret (Hu-hwae-ha-ji An-ah) by Leesong Hee-il (Korea)
Scott Walker-30 Century Man by Stephen Kijak (UK/US)
Spider Lilies (Ci-Qing) by Zero Chou (Taiwan)
Summer Rain (El Camino De Los Ingleses) by Antonio Banderas (Spain/UK)
Takva - A Man's Fear of God (Takva) by Oer Kiziltan (Turkey/Germany
Teeth by Mitchell Lichtenstein (US)
The Bubble by Eytan Fox (Israel)
The Filthy World by Jeff Garlin (US)
Two Days in Paris (Deux jours a Paris) by Julie Delpy (France/Germany) Vacation (Ferien) by Thomas Arslan (Germany)
When Darkness Falls (Nar Morkret Faller) by Anders Nilsson(Sweden/Germany)
Woman On The Beach (Haebyuneui Yoein) by Hong Sangsoo (Republic of Korea)