Five newSwedish feature films have been greenlit after securing support from theSwedish Film Institute.

HenryMeyer's drama Four Weeks In June (Fyra Veckor I Juni), about a girl whois fed up with men and love, will be produced by Peter Kropenin of OmegaFilm. The film received $653,000 (SEK5m) in state funding and is set to premiere in August 2005.

ProducerAnders Birkeland of GF Studios received $457,000 (SEK 3.5m) each for twoproductions. Harry's Daughters (Harrys Döttrar) is a new contemporarydrama by Everyone Loves Alice director Richard Hobert. Comedy Today,Yesterday And Tomorrow (Idag, Igar Och Imorgon) is a story about coming toterms with your past. It will be directed by Hans-Ake Gabrielsson andco-produced by Goran Lindstrom.

Two verydifferent teenagers are the main characters in Sandor Slash Ida, acoming-of-age drama to be directed by Henrik Georgsson and produced byBreidablick Film's Karl Fredrik Ulfung. Based on a best-selling and award-winning novel by Sara Kadefors, the film was granted $614,000 (SEK 4.7m).

Finally,$131,000 (SEK 1m) was allocated to Day And Night (Dag Och Natt), a dramaabout people who love or want to be loved. Already in post-production, the filmis directed by young Dane Simon Staho and produced by Peter Possne of SonetFilm.