The French box office in July saw a staggering 57.8% increase in ticket sales over the same month last year.

The total box office for 2007 thus far, however, is down 2.5% compared to the same period in 2006.

While July was not the best month of this year, the increase over last year is the best overall. The weather is sure to have played a part in the boost as July 2006 was plagued by a mini heat wave and this July saw inclement weather nearly every day.

Films that led the charge in July included Shrek The Third , Ocean's Thirteen , Die Hard 4 , A Very British Gangster , Transformers and The Simpsons Movie .

Currently, the market share for French films is down on the same period last year from 44.5% to 39% while American films are holding at 47.9% compared to 45.1% in 2006.