The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will honour Jessica Yu, Molly Thompson and Amir Bar-Lev.

Film-maker Yu will receive a retrospective of her work including the world premiere of The Guide as well as her Oscar-winning short documentary Breathing Lessons: The Life And Work Of Mark O’Brien.

A&E IndieFilms vp Molly Thompson will collect the Advocate Award and Bar-Lev [pictured] will curate the Thematic Program Stories About Stories, looking at he intersection of truth and perspective.

“Both Jessica Yu and Amir Bar-Lev are incredibly dynamic documentary film-makers at the height of their careers,” said Full Frame’s director of programming Sadie Tiller. “I am equally excited and honoured to have them join us at Full Frame to showcase their work and to be a part of our annual conversation around documentaries.”

“Thompson has emerged as one of the most powerful women in the documentary field,” said Full Frame executive director Deirdre Haj. “She has used her position to not only advance the mission of documentaries at her company, but also boost up individuals and institutions - including Full Frame - and advocate for their long-term success.”

The festival is set to run from Apr 4-7.