The Other Cinema will launch in London on Feb 14 with a screening of David Lean’s Brief Encounter.

Event Cinema specialist Future Cinema is launching a new initiative - The Other Cinema – a global network of pop up cinemas which aims to bring back a sense of ocial experience to cinema-going.

The Other Cinema will screen one film each month in a number of non-traditional venues including former picture palaces, town halls, libraries, churches, parks, youth clubs, universities, schools, hospitals, prisons, oil rigs and army camps.

The first event will take place on Valentine’s evening, 14the February 2012, with a screening of David Lean’s Brief Encounter at former Picture Palace The Troxy in the East End of London, which organizers plan to return to its days of glory with usherettes and audiences dressed in black tie.

Simultaneous screenings are expected to take place in other locations around the UK and globally.

Future Cinema’s Fabien Riggall, who also created Secret Cinema and Future Shorts, said: “We want to bring back the idea of local cinema and allow the most important films both old and new to get seen and talked about.”