UK- and US-based financier and production company Future Films is creating a new partnership with London-based post-production company Pepper.

Pepper has worked mostly on TV drama (Life On Mars, Prime Suspect) and independent features such as Michael Winterbottom's The Road To Guantanamo but will now expand its film services to a wider, more international customer base.

Future has merged its own post services, Future Post, into Pepper's offerings.

The companies hope that the alliance will allow coordinated financing across development, production and post-production, making budgeting easier for producrs.

Future also said Pepper was a good partner as Future looks to expand into UK TV financing.

'Pepper's expertise and reputation in the field of post production is widely recognised,' says Future Films' Chief Executive, Stephen Margolis. 'This new partnership creates a very attractive service offering to our clients.'

Pepper joint MDs Shane Warden and Patrick Holzen believe said the joint venture was unique in combining the financing and post-production sectors. 'We are delighted to partner Future Films in being able to offer such an innovative solution,' says Warden.