London-based Future Films is launching a new online/IPTV channel,, to tap into the UK broadband audience.

The site will offer new and classic English language and international movies.

Distributors, sales agents and producers will be able to place their films on the site free of charge. The films will be delivered in high resolution with a delivery system protected with digital rights management technology. 

Filmmakers will receive a cut of revenue on customer purchases via a revenue share system.

“There are an enormous number of hidden film gems from across the world waiting to find audiences in the UK,” said Stephen Margolis, CEO of Future Films. 

“Our intention is to be the home for all the fantastic titles that we see at festivals throughout the year that for whatever reason, don’t get the opportunity to come to the UK.”

Films will be available in most European languages and can also be subtitled into English, French, Italian, Spanish or German.

The channel will have search functions and will have viewer reviews in English and other selected languages, film of the week profiles and a recommendation tool for use through social networking platforms such as MySpace and Facebook. will be blocked for UK use once it launches but Future Films plans to expand to territories including Australia, Canada and Europe.