Project will screen at the London UK Film Focus next week.

GFM, the UK sales company run by industry veterans Michael Ryan, Guy Collins and Fred Hedman in co-operation with Seven Arts, will handle world sales on Drunkboat, starring John Malkovich, Dana Delany, Jacob Zachar and John Goodman.

Drunkboat will be screened to international buyers next week in London at LUFF (Film London’s London UK Film Focus).

The film tells the story of a young teenager, Abe (Jacob Zachar) who manipulates his alcoholic uncle (John Malkovich) to buy a boat from a con man named Mr. Fletcher (John Goodman) when his mother Eileen (Dana Delaney) is out of town.

Based on Bob Meyer’s original play, Drunkboat is directed by Bob Meyer.

“Every major territory is open on the picture,” said Seven Arts’ Kate Hoffman.

Drunkboat is one of a number of Seven Arts titles that GFM is selling. Other older films it is handling include Henry Bean’s Noise starring Tim Robbins and William Hurt, Burt Reynolds poker movie Deal, Anthony Waller’s Nine Miles Down, The Pool Boys starring Matthew Lillard and Adam Gierasch’s Night Of The Demons.

GFM is also helping Seven Arts with sales, marketing and financing on newer projects, among them Neuromancer (adapted from the William Gibson novel) and the long-gestating Winter Queen.