Jeff Goldblum hassigned on to star in Beverly Hills-based Bleiberg Entertainment's holocaustdrama Adam Resurrected, followingmonths of courtship and negotiation.

Bleiberg Entertainment chief Ehud Bleiberg is preparing a spring 2007 start onthe project, which is being directed by Paul Schrader and will be shot inGermany, Romania and Israel.

Bleiberg Entertainment is co-financing with German distributor EMS/3L, and ishandling worldwide sales. Bleiberg will produce along with EMS/3L chief WernerWirsing, and Ulf Israel serves as executive producer.

Noah Stollman adapted the screenplay from Yoram Kaniuk's novel about a Jewishformer circus entertainer who is spared the gas chamber at the hands of theNazis and becomes a ringleader in a post-war asylum for survivors.

"Jeff is a very talented and focused actor who possesses both the physical anddramatic qualities we were hoping to find in our Adam," Bleiberg said. "Hebrings with him an intensity and strength that we believe will help to definethe character and energise the film."

Goldblum is represented by Industry Entertainment, The Gersh Agency and Bauman,Redanty Schaul.