The Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment will receive the 23rd annual Industry Tribute at the 23rd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards on Dec 2.

The Industry Tribute is awarded to a career veteran “who has significantly influenced the motion picture industry.”

Gothams organisers said Oliver’s “extensive experience in the media and entertainment business” made her the ideal recipient.

In addition to overseeing all film, TV, and digital production in New York City, Oliver has long been a champion of independent film and media with emphasis on digital initiatives.

She was appointed Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting on Aug 1 2002 and has overseen NYC Media since April 2009.

With the merger of OFTB and NYC Media, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment was established in 2010 as an umbrella organisation that encompasses film, theatre and broadcasting but also NYC Media and NYC Digital.

“We are honoured to dedicate our 2013 Gotham Industry Tribute to Katherine Oliver, who has made an indelible impact in the entertainment industry in New York City and beyond,” said IFP executive director Joana Vicente.

“A true Gotham native, Katherine embodies an impressive breadth of work and a long list of achievements that we are proud to celebrate.”