GreeneStreet Films International (GSFI) has picked up international
rights to John August's trippy directorial debut The Nines fresh from
its world premiere at Sundance.

GSFI president Ariel Veneziano sealed the deal early on Saturday
morning and by last night was already poised to close deals in two
major territories.

August's first turn in the director's chair after writing Go, the
Charlie's Angels films and Big Fish, stars Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis
and Melissa McCarthy. Each plays three different roles in a trio of
interwoven vignettes that combine sci-fi, fantasy and drama.

'I saw The Nines at Sundance and responded to it on a completely visceral
level,' Veneziano said. 'It's intellectually, emotionally and
spiritually engaging and is quite unlike anything I have ever seen.'

Veneziano and GreeneStreet founder and president John Penotti
negotiated the deal with UTA's Richard Klubeck and HJTH on behalf of
the film-makers.

American Beauty Oscar winners Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen produced with
Dan Etheridge. Douglas Crise, an Oscar nominee for Babel, served as

GSFI's EFM slate includes comedies Gary The Tennis Coach, Bill, and
The Pleasure Of Your Company, which MGM will release in North America.
Lionsgate holds domestic rights to the thriller Tenderness starring
Russell Crowe.