Film Festival Jakmel has postponed its annual event for a year, according to festival founder David Belle. Based in the southern resort town of Jakmel in Haiti, the festival last year injected over $1m in economic activity in the region. However, planning for the fourth iteration was plagued by funding and infrastructure difficulties.

The 2006 event had a budget of $400,000. Belle said he hopes to double that sum by seeking donors to underwrite year-round film programming and technical training in Jakmel. Patrons include UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Food Program as well as the United Nations itself, whose peace-keepers provided security at the event.

'We need help with everything,' said Belle. 'Marketing, branding, technical support, equipment, infrastructure, training, especially fundraising.' He said the international film community needs to recognise filmmaking as a tool for ecomomic development and sustainability.

Ultimately, Belle wants to introduce a national competition within the festival 'so that we can identify the guy who will make baptism videos - which is a perfectly valid way to make a living - and the guy who will be the next Raoul Peck.' Haiti-born Peck directed such films as Sometimes In April and Lumumba.