High Point Films has snapped up world sales for Marek Najbrt’s Second World War movie Protektor.

The film, which has been selected as the Czech Republic’s foreign-language Oscar candidate, blends fact and fiction and is set against the background of the assassination of senior Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich. It stars Marek Daniel as a Czech radio reporter who, during wartime Nazi occupation, accepts a promotion to become the country’s voice of pro-Hitler propaganda. He takes the job in a bid to protect his Jewish wife, a once celebrated movie star, played by Jana Plodková .

Protektor recently picked up the Best Feature award at the Denver International Film Festival.

High Point Media Group founder Carey Fitzgerlad said:  “Apart from maintaining a riveting story from start to finish, Protektor is distinguished by the fresh directorial talent of Marek Najbrt that is utterly unique and compelling.We are always on the look out for films that stand out from the crowd and Protektor is one such title.”

High Point will give Protektor its industry premiere at the European Film Market in Berlin in February.